Answering the Mayan call for planetary healing via ceremonial Higher action using music & dance!

As we cross Galactic Center and enter a New Age in Consciousness, Indigenous tribes on our planet have come forward with urgent warnings & friendly advice to assist us in the process of ascension and to help us avoid the path towards self-destruction.  Indigenous tribes are not the only ones initiating A Higher Call To Action, benevolent extraterrestrials from the hyper-dimension have also blessed mankind with their own warnings & friendly advice.  A well spoken & outspoken ET contactee, Miriam Delicado was contacted 22 years ago by benevolent, tall blond ET’s.  They apparently singled her out specifically for a very special role, which is to deliver their elderly message to the whole of humanity, all the Colors of Consciousness.

According to Miriam, the “Tall Blonds” message for us is simple.  They say that Earth is at, what the Hopi Indians refer to as, “End Times”.  Our planet & civilization is in great danger.  If we do not change our destructive habits, we will destroy ourselves.  Earth cannot sustain herself having such a deadly parasite residing on top of her outer shell.  Our Conscious living Earth needs a detox.  Unless we become spiritual, operating from the Heart with unconditional Love, we will no longer have a host.  We will become homeless with no place to live.  The choice is ours!

According to the Tall Blonds, 22 years ago, they predicted that 2010 would be the year where Earth changes would begin to take place (which they have indeed, looking at the Haiti & Chile earthquakes, although these quakes may have been triggered by the sly hands of hidden human technology, like H.A.A.R.P.). The Tall Blonds highly advocated that we seek the guidance of the indigenous tribes on Earth, for they have been the caretakers of the planet and have been holding lost knowledge that the rest of mankind needs to hear now at this time of great change. 

The Tall Blonds further pointed out the need to create “Great Gatherings” (large & small scale) of people & tribes, from all over the planet, where collectively we can exchange vital information & pool together the urgent resources needed to save the planet.  They stress the fact that no one has all the answers, not even the indigenous.  We all have something to contribute.  It will take the collective minds of all the Colors of Consciousness (red, black, yellow, brown, etc.) on this planet to solve man’s problems.  As long as we use discernment & follow our Hearts, and not our egos, the Tall Blonds believe we can overcome any challenges that we face on our planet. 

The Tall Blonds want us to know that thought is the most powerful force in the universe.  With concentrated group efforts taking place across the globe via Great Gatherings of humanity, and with the intention of saving Mother Earth, humans could quickly develop the collective mind power, through thought, to divert impeding natural catastrophes and work back harmoniously with the forces of nature.  Thus, transcending the problems that man has created, giving us the opportunity to ascend & co-create with our sacred mother as she attunes to the sweet loving vibrations of the Higher dimensions.

Holy “Grid” Rollers have an important role to play, which is to activate the holy grids on this planet.  We have the great power to turn the Great Gathering switch “on” and the fear button “off”.  We must plant our feet firmly into the grass and keep our inner knowingness deeply rooted.  We must hold on to the “Tree of Life” with our Hearts chakras wide open.


A great way to way to anchor the mind, body & soul with Mother Earth and Father Sky is to incorporate the use of a totem into your holy “grid” rolling.

Per Wikipedia, “A totem is a being, object, or symbol representing an animal or plant that serves as an emblem of a group of people, such as a family, clan, group, lineage, or tribe, reminding them of their ancestry or mythic past.  Normally this belief is accompanied by a totemic myth. They have been around for many years.”

The indigenous tribes of the planet use totems for the anchoring of their spiritual practices.  The Elders of these tribes have messages to share with us that are critical to our human survival & transition into a safe & harmonious new Earth.  We are being called into Higher Action, in defense of Mother Earth.  The Temple of HOLY “GRID” ROLLERS is dedicated to disseminating their messages and to represent via holy “grid” action the spinning vibration of Love, Light N’ Harmony.

As bearers of this holy Higher Action, DJ MACKBOOGALOO has chosen the Lakota Sioux white buffalo calf, named LIGHTNING MEDICINE CLOUD (R.I.P) to be the totem representative of his contributions to the Temple of HOLY “GRID” ROLLERS.

Lightning Medicine Cloud (R.I.P.) was a white buffalo calf born on 5-12-11. According to Lakota Sioux lore, the goddess of peace once appeared in the form of a white buffalo calf.  Lightning Medicine Cloud, was not an albino and was born during a thunderstorm. The calf received his name in recognition of the circumstances of his arrival. The birth of a white buffalo is a one-in-several-million occurrence and fills a centuries-old American Indian prophecy. The white buffalo has long been sacred to the Lakota and other Plains tribes. They believe that man’s survival as a people, depends on heeding the white buffalo’s sacred message, which urges man to live with the understanding that all living beings are linked and interdependent. The white buffalo is considered a warning by the Lakota, but it is also a chance for all people to collectively focus their energy on the peaceful, healthy, harmonious world that the buffalo is urging us to create.

Lightning Medicine Cloud lived a brief life (5-12-11 to 5-3-13) but his memory & spirit will continue to play an active role in the spiritual lives & hearts of the Lakota Sioux and the people of our planet who are awakening to the messages of our Indigenous Elders. 

Lightning Medicine Cloud is truly the Hope of ALL Nations!